Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday
5:00am to 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday
5:00am to 10:00pm

We carry a variety of products which include but are not limited to:

Coffee, Muffins, Soup, Newspapers, Sandwiches, Cigarettes, Lottery, Potato Chips & Soda



2 Sanderson Ave Dedham, MA 02026

Although our name has changed over the years (Community Spa, Oakdale Spa and Kouris Corner), our atmosphere hasn't.

People of all ages come in every day to visit their friends and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or a soda. The conversations range from world affairs & town politics to questions about tomorrow's homework assignments.

The following is our way of explaining to you what it is like to visit our store.

"I'm bored, where should I go? All I want to do is sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. Or maybe I just want something quick to eat. I might just want to get something delivered so I can enjoy myself at home.

I know what I'll do, I'll take my family to the old' coffee shop. Why not? It's been family owned for nearly a decade now! It even has a century worth of history inside. I'll enter the mom and pops store, sit on a stool in front of an old fashioned counter, and grab a glimpse at the retired vintage ice cream dispensers. I'll take a look around and see all the people who make this place warm and home like.

As I sit down and sip my tea or coffee, I'll see my life flash before me as I scratch for millions on a state lottery ticket. But my biggest problem is deciding what to choose out of the enormous menu. I always have the hardest time choosing between pizza or the famous steak subs or char broiled burgers. Well, whatever I choose it's definitely going to taste perfect."

P. Moustakis